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*A Leap of Faith (solo or SSA)

*A Temple of the Lord (SSA)

All the Lights of Christmas (SSA, not sacred)

*Another Shore (solo, funeral)

As Sisters in Zion arr. (SSA)

Be of Good Comfort (SATB hymn)

*Come to Jesus (solo)

Come to Jesus (SSAA)

Come to Jesus (SATB hymn)

Come to Jesus (SATB choral arr.)

Come Sisters Now, of Every Nation (SA)

Count Your Blessings (familiar hymn text, new music, SSA)

*Ever in His Debt (solo)

Ever in His Debt (SATB) ENGRAVE

*Every Faithful Pioneer (duet, not sacred)

Every Need He Will Provide (SATB hymn)

*Family Ties That Bind (SATB, not sacred)

For the Beauty of the Earth (SATBB) ENGRAVE?

*Hallowed Ground (solo)

*Heavenly Father Sends Love to Me (children’s solo)

Hope is On the Way (SSA)

*How Great the Goodness of Our God (SATB, Easter)

How Great the Wisdom and the Love, (SATB)

I Feel My Savior’s Love/Our Savior’s Love (SATB) ENGRAVE

I Talk With Heavenly Father (children’s)

I Will Be Strong (SA, Young Women)

I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go (familiar hymn text, new music, SA)

I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (SSA w/C instrument)

Jesus, Once of Humble Birth (SSA)

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee (SSA)

*Keeping Sheep (Female solo)

*Lead Me to the Tree (SSA)

*Little Seeds (children’s, not sacred)

Look What Love Has Done (solo)

Love at Home (SATB) ENGRAVE

Make Me Over in Thine Image (SATB hymn)

*My Own Little Lamp (children’s)

*My Nest (solo)

O My Father (familiar hymn text, new music, SATB)

*Oh How Lovely Was the Morning (familiar hymn text, new music, SSAA)

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow (SATB, 2 new verses)

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (SATB, with congregation) ENGRAVE

Sacred Moments of Reflection (SATB Sacrament hymn)

Sing We Now at Parting (SATB, with congregation) ENGRAVE

*Sisters, Arise! (SSA)

Sisters of the Past, (SSA)

Sweet Hour of Prayer (solo or duet)

Teach Me About the Temple (original version, children/youth)

Teach Me About the Temple (simplified version, children/youth) LINK TO CHILDREN’S FRIEND?

*Teach Me About the Temple (expanded version, w/bridge, key change, 3rd chorus, children/youth)

That We May Believe (SATB, Book of Mormon)

The Fruits of Your Labor (solo, funeral)

The Light of the World (SATB, Christmas)

*The Things Jesus Asks of Me (original version, children’s, baptism)

The Things Jesus Asks of Me (simplified, children’s)

Trust In the Lord (SATB)

When I Repent (children’s)

When I Question, When I Wonder (SATB hymn)

Wickedness Never Was Happiness (children’s)

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