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MP3's available for listening

(The following mp3's are available as a courtesy for 
musicians to get a basic feel for the songs. Most of the accompaniments have been embellished for recording
and do not represent the piano accompaniment
in the printed sheet music.) 


*A Leap of Faith (solo or SSA)

*A Temple of the Lord (SSA)

*Another Shore (solo, funeral)

*Come to Jesus (solo)

*Ever in His Debt (solo)

*Every Faithful Pioneer (duet, not sacred)

*Family Ties That Bind (SATB, not sacred)

*Hallowed Ground (solo)

*Heavenly Father Sends Love to Me (children’s solo)

*How Great the Goodness of Our God (SATB, Easter)

*Keeping Sheep (Woman’s solo)

*Lead Me to the Tree (SSA)

*Little Seeds (children’s, not sacred)

*My Own Little Lamp (children’s)

*My Nest (solo)

*Oh How Lovely Was the Morning (familiar hymn text, new music, SSAA)

*Sisters, Arise! (SSA)

*Teach Me About the Temple (expanded version, w/bridge, key change,

3rd chorus, children/youth)

*The Things Jesus Asks of Me (original version, children’s, baptism)

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